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Twin Turbo Mustang | Blackbird Twin Turbo Kit
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Provigil without prescription, Best place to buy provigil online 2018

Blackbird Twin Turbo Package

order provigil uk is proud to release our highly anticipated Turbo System. This kit is 100% bolt-on ready out of the box! This system can be installed at home or at your favorite speed shop. Our base 58mm Precision Turbo option gives you excellent power throughout the entire powerband.


Our kit has had extensive testing and development in the real world. The secret to our kit is our custom manifold design. This gives you plenty of room to run big power without sacrifice down the road. Our Blackbird Twin Turbo Kit uses the finest components available today.


Note: Fuel System and Tuning are optional.


Our base kit does not include Fuel & Tuning.


Upgraded fuel system and tuning is required.

Blackbird TwinTurbo System (Complete) 2015+Mustang GT

* More power at lower boost levels than any Supercharger on the market
* Custom V Band Turbo Manifolds (Designed for Turbos)
* No cutting or relocation of stock parts
* Lower under hood temperatures than any Top mount system or Supercharger
* 100% made and assembled in the U.S.A.

* Full Technical Support via email or phone


System Includes


*(2) Turbo Manifolds w/V-Band Connections
*(2) Precision 5858 Turbos .82 a/r/v-band
*(2) Tial 44mm wastegates
*(2) Tial Blow off valves
*(1) Bell Intercooler 3.5″ core
*(2) 2″ Intercooler Pipes
*(1) 3.5″ pipe from I/C to throttle body
*(2) 3″ Cold air intakes with Filters
*(2) O2 extensions
*(1) Turbowerx Oil Pump w/lines/fittings
*(1) Oil Sump pan
*All Couplers for piping is included




Larger Bell Intercooler 4.5″ core
Precision Turbo Upgrades 62mm/64mm/etc
Burns Stainless 321 manifold
Ball Bearing Turbo Upgrade
ID 1000cc Injectors
Powder Coating (Virtually any Color)
Please call or email if you have any questions.
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Provigil without prescription, Best place to buy provigil online 2018

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Provigil without prescription, Best place to buy provigil online 2018